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Brand New Kitchen
  • Refrigerator repairs

  • Freezer repairs

  • Ice Makers

  • Microwave repairs

  • Dishwasher repairs

Washer & Dryer
  • Clothes washer repairs

  • Washing machine repairs

  • Gas dryer / Electric dryer repairs

  • Stoves, ovens & range repair



Welcome to Doyle's Appliance Repair - Service in MA & NH

Doyle's Appliance Repair serves residential customers in Massachusetts & New Hampshire and offers professional repair services for all major household appliances. Our family owned and operated repair service provides expertly-trained technicians, top-quality appliance parts, the best prices available and outstanding customer service. You can trust in Doyle's Appliance Repair to get it done right the first time!

Doyle's repair technicians will travel to a your location to repair your appliance. As a courtesy you will receive a phone call the afternoon before our appliance repair technician arrives. During the appointment our technicians will check for loose parts, electrical shortages, frayed electrical cords, unusual vibrations or noises. Appliances may be disassembled to check for wear and tear or corrosion problems.

When the problem has been located, our appliance technician will estimate the time and cost of the repairs and give you a complete quote with all parts and labor requirements. If you decline our service of your appliance, you pay only a low service call fee for the trip to your home. With your approval of our estimate, our technician will replace and repair parts like motors, heating elements and switches. Once complete, they will clean up the appliances and tighten, align and lubricate parts where necessary. We guarantee your total satisfaction!

To request a service appointment click the button or call us directly if an appliance repair is needed.







Here are some questions and answers regarding our appliance repair services. If you have any other questions please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Appliance Repair Cost

Our service call and diagnosis fee is $80.00. This includes the trip to the home and a complete diagnosis of your unit regardless of time. Parts and labor are extra. Labor is calculated using a national flat rate labor guide.


Appointment Confirmation

We will contact you the afternoon before your scheduled service date with your time frame that you can expect the technician to arrive.

About Your Appliance

If your unit is over (1) year of age, and has an extended warranty, you must contact the extended warranty company first prior to setting up a service appointment with us. The phone number you need to call can be found on your extended warranty certificate. If you are unable to locate that, please contact the dealer in which you purchased the unit from, and they should be able to provide the appropriate information on your extended warranty.


When you call Doyle’s Appliance Repair, you put your faith in Mass & NH's very best appliance repair experts. We are committed to serve our customers with the best quality repair services and parts available. We do the job the right the first time.


To request an appliance repair appointment in Mass & NH click here:



Service Request

For service requests, inquiries or questions please call: 978-866-5330 or fill out the following form

Contact Us

Thanks for contacting Doyle's Appliance Repair!


9 Olympia Cir

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